What to Know About Tulsa Moving Services

Before searching for Tulsa Moving Services, there are several things that people should be aware of. Well in advance of the move, consider all of the following things to make sure that the move is as successful as it can possibly be.

What is the Level of Moving Services?

One of the most important things to know about a potential moving company is what level of services they offer. Ask the movers if they offer packing, and if so how much packing is provided. Some of the best moving services provide the degree of packing desired by the customer. This may include packing up all kinds of items from antiques to art to furniture and dishes safely and securely. If the mover does offer packing, make sure that they use sturdy boxes, quality packing tape, bubble wrap, and shrink wrap when needed. Another thing to consider is whether the movers are needed to help unpack. Some homeowners are happy to do all the unpacking on their own while others like the convenience of having the movers unpack and set everything up for them.

What Type of Insurance Coverage is Provided?

Be sure to ask the moving company about the type of insurance coverage that they provide. All moves should be fully insured. This means that if there happens to be an accident while the goods are in transit, a repair or replacement will be fully paid for by the mover’s insurance company. This type of coverage is usually included as part of the move.

What About the Schedule?

One of the most stressful things during a move can be time-line problems, so it’s important that anyone who plans a move is able to feel confident about the timeliness of their moving team. Ask the potential movers if they are able to guarantee that they’ll be there on the appointed day and at the appointed time. Make sure that both the moving truck or van and the moving team has already been scheduled exclusively for the move in question. If interested in tulsa moving services, area residents can find more information here.

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