Things to Know Before Hiring a Moving Company in St. Paul

Whether it’s across town or across the country, moving is difficult. To make things simpler, it’s important to choose a Moving Company in St. Paul that handles customers’ belongings with care. With the right local moving company, customers can get their things moved anywhere within the United States. Below are a few tips to make the moving process easier.

Insure the Family’s Possessions

While most of the area’s moving companies are licensed and insured, they are not held fully liable if a customer’s possessions are damaged. According to Federal law, the movers are only liable for 60 cents on every pound. Therefore, the family should buy separate coverage for valuable items.

Pack Things Tightly

To reduce the risk of damage to the family’s belongings, pack all boxes tightly with ample cushioning, so items don’t move around in transit. Customers can use packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or even clothing to cushion fragile items.

Write the Family’s Name on Each Box

Long-distance moving companies typically carry more than one customer’s items on the truck. Families can set their boxes apart from others by writing their name clearly and legibly on every box.

Put Mattresses in Boxes

Mattresses are tough, but they can easily become bent or dirty during a move. To prevent damage, put the mattress in a moving box or wrap it in plastic wrap before putting it on the moving truck.

Keep Important Personal Items With the Family

If the moving truck doesn’t arrive on time with the family’s possessions, or the family gets to the destination before the movers, it can be difficult to get by without some important stuff. To prevent hardship, pack a supply to take on the trip: important documents, clothing, toiletries and other items to get through a couple of days.

Choose a Reliable Moving Company

When choosing a Moving Company in St. Paul, it’s important to choose someone reliable and experienced. Action Moving Services Inc. works to make every customer’s move as worry-free and as simple as possible. Visit the website to learn more about the company’s moving services or call today to schedule a quote.

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