Why You Should Use a Transport Service to Get Your Car From Florida to NY

If you need a car moved from Florida to NY, why not have a car transport company do it for you? In addition to saving you loads of time, you’ll find there are even more benefits to doing so. Read on to learn what a few of them are.

Safer Car

The longer your car is on the road, the greater chance it has of getting in a wreck, no matter how safely you drive. When you hire car transport Florida to NY, your car is never on the road but above it on a transportation trailer. That means no dings, scratches, or fender benders. Additionally, the truck drivers that transport cars are commercial drivers, which means they have experience and training that puts them a cut above the average driver, making them a safe choice to transport your car to where it needs to go.

Safer You

Your car is safer when being transported, and you are too. Did you know that your chances of getting in a car crash rise almost exponentially for each additional hour you are on the road? By contracting the services of a car transport company, you essentially remove yourself from any accident equation. You can’t get into a car wreck if you’re not on the road.

Reduced Stress

Just like most people, you probably love your car. However, during a move, your vehicle could turn into a temporary source of stress, especially if you have so much other stuff to do. However, when you decide to book a car transport Florida to NY, you can expect your car stress to melt away.


You might have insurance, but car transport companies most likely have better coverage than you. This means that your car will have more insurance protection when in the hands of the transport company than with you behind the wheel, which is a win-win for you and your car.

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