Waiting For A Towing Company In San Antonio TX After Hitting A Deer

When a motorist hits a deer on the roadway, causing their vehicle to become unable to be driven, it will be necessary to all a towing company in San Antonio TX to come to the rescue. There are a few steps one should take immediately after hitting a deer to help keep themselves and others on the road safe.

Here are some guidelines to follow after a deer is hit by a vehicle.

Alert Authorities About The Situation

It is best to make a call to the police to let them know a deer was hit. They may ask if the deer is still alive and contact a wildlife conservation officer if necessary. They will also dispatch someone to the area to help direct traffic if the vehicle is a risk to others on the roadway.

Call For Assistance With The Vehicle

A call to a towing company should be made right away to help get the vehicle off the roadway in a timely manner. When this call is made, it is best to give landmark information to the service, so they are able to find the vehicle promptly.

Stay In The Vehicle When Waiting For Help

It is best to stay inside the vehicle when waiting for a tow. The windows can be cracked to get air, but the doors should remain locked to help in the avoidance of foul play by others that may come up to the vehicle. Alert anyone stopping by to help that authorities have been called and that a tow truck is on the way. Put on the four-way flashing lights to alert others on the roadway that the vehicle is immobile. If the incident happened at nighttime, put on the interior light in the vehicle instead. The truck can be popped as well to alert others that the vehicle is stopped.

When a call needs to be made to a towing company in San Antonio TX, contacting a service that will come to the scene immediately is desired. Contact information is available so a call can be made right away.

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