What to Do After Calling a Towing Service

Nothing is quite as frustrating as getting behind the wheel and finding that the engine will not start. A quick look under the hood confirms that the battery cables are not loose, and everything appears to be in order. The only smart move to make at this point is called a local Towing Service. Once the call is made, here are some things to do while waiting for the tow truck to arrive.

Check the Insurance
A copy of the auto insurance is in the glove compartment, so why not take it out and look up the provisions that have to do with towing? To be sure, call the insurance company and speak with a customer service representative. In the best case scenario, the representative will confirm that the Towing Service does accept the coverage, and a claim can be filed for the entire amount.

Make Some Calls
If the car owner is supposed to meet someone, take a moment and make a quick call. Let the individual know what happened and that help is on the way. Even if the problem occurred when the individual was leaving work, call home and let someone there know that the car won’t start, and a tow truck is en route. Those calls will ensure that no one gets worried when the individual does not show up on time.

Stay in the Car
Even if the area happens to be safe, it makes sense to stay in the car. Lock the doors to ensure no one can jump in the vehicle without permission. It will be easy enough to settle into the comfortable seat and see the tow truck as it pulls up. If there is the need to provide some sort of signal, there is always the option of leaving the hood in the upright position.

If the problem cannot be remedied on the spot, then the vehicle can be towed into the shop, and problem will be taken care of as quickly as possible.

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