Services Provided by Tow Truck Companies in Columbus OH

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Towing Service

Tow truck services are best known for towing broken down or wrecked vehicles, but they also offer many other lesser known services. A tow truck company Columbus OH may offer roadside assistance, heavy hauling, light hauling, equipment hauling or haul private property. Most tow truck companies in Columbus OH offer their services 24 hours a day and seven days a week in order to be available when any service is needed. They may also have a fleet of trucks that are available to tow many different types of vehicles and equipment.

Roadside Assistance Tow truck companies often offer roadside assistance to aid people in emergency situations. These services can include jump starting a car, changing a tire and assisting people that are locked out of their vehicle. This assistance is often available around the clock. Some auto insurances may cover roadside assistance but it is usually better to join an auto club for this coverage. Equipment Hauling Many tow truck companies have trucks available that can haul industrial machinery and heavy equipment like fork lifts, back hoes, tractors and military equipment.

Personal Property A tow truck company Columbus OH can handle any personal property that needs to be hauled. Boats can be transported to or from the dock. They can also transport motorcycles, atvs and trikes. Light, Medium and Heavy Hauling there are different types of tow trucks available to transport light, medium and heavy vehicles. Many auto companies use tow truck companies to transport several vehicles to their car lots at one time. Military vehicles like tanks can also be hauled if the tow truck company has the proper vehicle available. Contacting a local tow truck service is usually the best way to go in an emergency situation.

For more extensive hauling needs, it may be necessary to contact a few tow truck services to find the one that will have the best truck available for transporting the goods. Before calling make sure to have accurate information readily available because the company will need to know the size, weight and dimensions of the vehicle or heavy equipment in order to know if they have the capability to successfully haul the load.

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