Enjoy Car Rental Convenience at a Cost Your Wallet Will Like

Renting a car is a convenient way to get around Costa Rica. However, make sure that convenience doesn’t come at a massive cost. Here are some great suggestions to keep in mind:

Be on the lookout for hidden charges

The daily rate might sound nice but don’t forget to check for hidden charges and fees.  Look for additional charges, if there are any. Taxes and other booking costs can inflate the price and take it from a nice discounted offer to an ordinary rate.

Say no to the extra insurance

If you already have a car insurance, then you don’t have to pay for any extra insurance. There’s a big chance that you’re already covered. However, take the guesswork out of it by calling up your company and confirming the extent of your coverage. That way, you’ll know if you need to add any extra or if you’re good to go.

Reserve a 4×4

Most people go for the smallest sedan possible. But if you’re opting for a car rental in Costa Rica and you want to see far-off sights, plenty of these sights entail rough road driving conditions. You’ll do well to reserve a 4×4 you can comfortably drive along the beach, jungle or rocks.

Hire a driver

Yes, you’re allowed to drive in Costa Rica, so long as your Visa is valid and you brought along your driver’s license from your home country. However, if you don’t want to take a risk driving in unfamiliar terrain, or want to simply enjoy the sights, hiring a driver can be a good investment, says Solid Car Rental. That saves you considerable effort and gives you more time to enjoy your much-needed vacation to the fullest.

So don’t just book a car rental in Costa Rica haphazardly. Follow these tips to net you a good bit of cost-savings.

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