5 Steps to Finding the Car Rental that’s Perfect for You

The right car rental in Liberia can be a life-saver. Speedy and convenient transportation is a must, whether you’re on a business trip or much-needed vacation. Here’s how to find one you’ll keep coming back to:

Ask around

Take advantage of your network. Talk to friends and family. Do you know anyone who’s gone on a trip to Costa Rica recently? Ask them about their car rental experience. This can handily point you to the right direction and save you a lot of time and trouble in the process.

Get referrals

Referrals are gold. So make sure you take note of those referrals. Follow up on them as soon as you can. This could net you the name of a car rental in Liberia you can trust.

Consider experience

This is a good sign of a company’s reliability, says Solid Car Rental. The longer a rental company has been around, the more likely that they have the right team and resources in place to get you the best rental in town.

Read those reviews

Go online and research on as much as you can about the rental company. This is an excellent way to check for any bad reviews as well. A few bad reviews should be taken at face value, though. Consider that different people have different ideas of excellence or there might have been mitigating circumstances involved to account for the reviews. However, if there are a ton of reviews, all basically pointing to the same thing: bad service, dirty rooms, etc. then those are enough reasons to stay away.

Scour and compare

There are a number of comparison sites online. You might want to use them to compare rates and offers. Or you could do it old-school. Scour for sites, make a list of potential rental companies and do your own comparison chart to make sure you don’t miss out on any rental services out there.

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