Safely Moving Antiques, Art And Irreplaceable Collectibles

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Moving Services

Many homeowners have antiques, works of art and other collectibles; pieces that may tell a story or relate to times long gone by in the family. Antiques not only have history and a story to tell, but they are also beautiful in their own right. Although many antiques are quite valuable, the majority have sentimental value. When the time comes to relocate, it is best to entrust your valuable collectibles to antique movers in Chicago that are well aware of how they are to be packed for transit and how they are to be transported.


The key to the successful moving of antiques is packing, many pieces of furniture have unique shapes, but all must be packed specifically for more reasons than just shape.

  • Fragile: Porcelain and crystal pieces, as well as paintings, must be protected from shock and impact. The best solution is to move these antiques in sturdy crates or boxes stuffed with poly chips and protected with a cocoon of bubble wrap.
  • Odd shapes: Many items will need to be well protected from scratches and chips, this is best done with a custom prepared boxes.

If larger pieces have to be disassembled for shipment secure loose parts and provide detailed shipping labels that will make it much easier to reassemble in the new home.

The right mover:

Finding antique movers in Chicago is more difficult than finding a commercial mover. When you are moving antiques do not necessarily go for the lowest price, what is more important is service and service quality. Do not accept any prices over the phone; antiques do not fall into the dollars per cubic foot category; each piece must be assessed by the company representative and priced accordingly.

Moving antiques and collectibles is not easy, it is extremely important that the moving company you hire is accustomed to dealing with objects of art and objects that are simply irreplaceable.

If you are relocating and you own valuable antiques and works of art, you will want to hire qualified antique movers in Chicago. You are invited to discuss your local move with Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc.

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