Keep Your Stuff Safe on Winter Break

If you’re reading this right now, you really need to be studying and working on that term paper. CSUN is going into exam week soon and is already in term paper overdrive. However, if you are living on or off campus, you may want to be thinking ahead to winter break and how to safeguard the possessions that you will leave behind in your dormitory or Northridge area apartment. During the holidays, those empty apartments and dormitories full of electronics, appliances, and other goodies can fall prey to a break and enter burglary.

Keeping Your Place Safe

A number of colleges and universities lock down their dorms once everybody has gone home for semester break. That may not be enough to keep your room secure. All you can do a lot to secure your dormitory or apartment without permission, you can do a few things to strengthen your points of entry.

Consider installing a strike plate on exterior doors to foil burglars kicking in the door. Likewise, dowels inside the tracks of sliding doors and windows can impede entry enough that burglars will give up and leave quickly. Wireless alarms that are triggered by the breaking of the magnetic seal can make enough noise to draw attention that burglars hate.

Remove Temptation

However, the simplest way to keep from losing your stuff is to remove the temptation to break in and steal it. By placing your valuables in self storage you remove any reason for a burglar to break-in. Finding a self storage facility Northridge is easy, lots of college students use them to store their belongings during semester and summer breaks. Rates are generally affordable, even on the most broke-ass student budget. Even better, by pooling resources with a bunch of other students, you can save money and get a lot more space to store your stuff.

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