Proper Furniture Storage in Estero FL

When furniture needs to be stored in a unit, steps will need to be taken to ensure they are protected from debris and moisture accumulation. If furniture is placed in storage without taking precautionary measures, the damage is likely to occur. Here are some tips to consider when getting ready for furniture storage in Estero FL.

Cover The Floor Before Placing Items

When putting larger pieces of furniture into a storage unit, it is best to cover the floor with a tarp or pieces of cardboard before setting items inside. This will give the furniture a safe, clean resting spot. Floors in storage facilities tend to be made of cement or concrete. When temperatures rise, pooling of water can occur on these surfaces due to excessive humidity. The floor covering will protect items from water damage.

Use Furniture Covers To Keep Items Safe

It is best to use furniture covers to protect items from damage. These can be slipped over larger items, providing them with a layer against the settling of dust. These covers will also keep furniture safe from potential scrapes or scratches as the pieces are moved in and out of a storage unit.

Find The Right Storage Unit For The Job

A storage facility that offers climate control within the units can help in protecting wood from rot and metal from rust. These units will provide a comfortable atmosphere and will reduce the chance of high humidity within the allotted space. A unit with around the clock security is also a plus to reduce the chance of theft.

Position Furniture Appropriately To Reduce Damage

When placing furniture in a unit, it is best to have a bit of extra space rather than cramming items too closely to each other. This will give ample room for the pieces so they are not resting upon others. Place larger items along the walls of the unit so they do not take up the bulk of space. Smaller pieces can be positioned in the middle of the unit.

When there is a need to find a facility with adequate furniture storage in Estero FL, the cost is usually a concern. Contact Business Name. to request an estimate today.

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