Moving Tips: How to Hire Short Notice Movers in Chicago, Illinois

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Commercial Movers

Whether one hired movers and they bailed at the last minute or it’s a last-minute move, time waits for no one. Here are some tips for hiring short-notice movers in Chicago.

Continue to Pack

A mistake that many people make is stopping in the middle of packing because they’re stressed about finding new movers. This is the worse thing to do because it puts people further behind. Continue packing while calling moving companies to be ready to go if the company is available.

Prepare to Pay a Reasonable Last-Minute Fee

Like anything done last minute, it might cost more to hire short-notice movers. However, the price should still be reasonable. Even though people often feel they’re in a tight spot and have no room for negotiations, that’s not true. There’s plenty to negotiate. For example, if the movers are only loading the truck and not packing up the house, why pay for that service? So, be prepared to pay extra, but don’t let the movers take advantage of the situation.

Hire Movers Only for The Big Items

If after calling mover after mover with no luck, give them a call again and find out if they have room on the schedule to move only the more oversized items like the piano that never gets played or the couch that should probably be tossed, but it’s making the move anyway. Sometimes, movers have some time to make these quick moves.

Last-minute moves are tricky but made easier when hiring the right short-notice movers in Chicago. Contact Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. for more information.

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