Hiring Movers? 4 Things to Watch Out for

Choosing a firm that offers services for moving and storage in Santa Clarita isn’t a decision you’ll want to take lightly—that is, not if you want your belongings to get to your new home, safe and sound. But it’s not always easy to tell if you’re picking out the right firm or not. Good thing there are several things you can watch out for to make sure you end up with a reliable moving crew:

Lack of credentials

One of the first things you’ll need to do is dig into the background of the company a bit. Verify the company’s credentials. Moving all the way over to another state? You’ll need to check if the firm is licensed for long-distance moves. Make sure the crew is licensed and experienced as well, says Consumer Reports.

Negative reviews

Online reviews provide you with useful information. Complaints and a pile of negative reviews mean you’ll be better off moving to the next name on your list. Glowing and positive feedback, on the other hand, mean it’s all right to proceed.

Signs of dodgy behavior

If the movers are more interested in checking out how much your new TV will fetch in the market or you see movers eye your things with seemingly lascivious intent, don’t dismiss that. Trust your gut. And if it’s telling you there’s something not quite right with your movers, don’t hesitate to show them the door and look for another company that offers moving and storage in Santa Clarita instead.

Large deposit

While it’s not uncommon for a moving service to ask for a bit of deposit, that amount shouldn’t go beyond 20 percent of the move’s total cost. If the moving company insists, walk away. If you must pay anything, do so through your credit card so you can contest any wrong or excess charges.

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