Details About Portable Storage Units In Long Island You Should Know

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Transportation

In New York, property owners need temporary storage for projects. These projects include decluttering the home or home improvement opportunities. The following are details all property owners should know about Portable Storage Units Long Island.

How can Much Stuff be Stored Inside the Containers?

The storage units hold the contents and furnishings for most primary living spaces. This includes living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. The standard size holds the volume of contents you’d expect to find inside a three-bedroom house. However, sizes vary based on the property owner’s requirements.

What is the Maximum Weight Limit for the Containers?

The maximum weight held by these containers is about one ton. However, the type of flooring used for the unit dictates how much it can support realistically. The type of materials used to create the unit also determines the level of support provided.

What Materials are Used to Construct the Portable Units?

The portable units are constructed of fiberglass and plywood. Select models have galvanized steel framing to provide additional support. The flooring of completed units that are used for portable storage consists of reinforced plywood. However, if the property owner purchases a permanent installation, they have the option to use any materials to support the flooring.

Are There Limits for Where They Can be Placed on Residential Properties?

Yes, if the property is inside the city limits, the homeowner may need a permit. The most common areas that require a permit are driveways and any portion of the property near a roadway. If the unit is temporary, the owner may place it at the curb only if they have the appropriate permits.

Is the Unit Provider Responsible for Insurance or Losses?

No, the provider isn’t responsible for maintaining insurance coverage for the property owner’s belongings. Since the units are situated on the property, the owner must acquire coverage for the unit and their items inside it.

In New York, a portable unit provides convenience for property owners. They use them for as long as they need the unit, and the storage option is delivered to their home. Property owners who need Portable Storage Units Long Island visit website for more information today.

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