What Happens During A CDL Program?

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Driving Schools

Individuals who wish to gain employment as a commercial driver must acquire the appropriate driver’s license. Hopeful drivers who want to acquire this accreditation must complete the approriate programs. Through a CDL Program, these drivers gain the skills necessary to perform their job functions according to federal regulations.

Obtaining a CDL Permit
The first step of the program is to prepare for the written examination. By passing this examination, the driver gains a CDL permit. This permit allows them to operate a commercial vehicle with supervision. This part of the program prepares them for the road test. They must maintain this permit for at least fourteen days before they make any attempts to acquire the license.

Participate in a CDL Training Program
By participating in a CDL training program, the drivers learn how to operate a variety of commercial vehicles. During the course, they learn the exact procedures for operating these vehicles on the road. The drivers learn all federal regulations that apply to these vehicles. This includes the defined operating hours and procedures used for generate a log of driving time.

DOT Requirements for CDL
The Department of Transportation requires that all commercial drivers pass an eye examination. These test is conducted by an employee at the Department of Transportation. Any driver who cannot pass this test cannot receive a commercial driver’s license. Additionally, the DOT must determine if the driver has a history of DUI or other serious traffic violations that designate them as a risk.

Taking and Passing the Road Test
The commercial driving test is conducted by the local Department of Motor Vehicles. The driver must complete the test based on their scheduled appointment. Their instructor could assist them in scheduling this appointment to ensure that they acquire this opportunity. Their instruction could also provide them with instruction about what documents are needed to start the test.

Individuals who wish to acquire a commercial driver’s license must enroll into a state-approved program. These programs help these drivers prepare for the written and road tests. They also educate them about federal requirements. Individuals who are ready to start a CDL Program should contact¬†Company Name today.

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