Preparing Your Site for Refrigerated Trailers for Hire in Newcastle

If you require refrigerated trailers for hire in Newcastle, you may wonder if there is anything you need to do to make sure your site is ready. It is a good idea to have a location in mind, such as near the house so that you can transport food back and forth, and of course, a handy plug. (Although a generator can also be provided). It’s also important that you do a few things before the freezer trailer arrives, which ensures that it can easily be set up.


The site you plan to put the freezer on should be as level as possible. Of course, no area outside is perfectly level, but you should make sure that it is as level as possible, as well as flat.

Be Accessible

While most delivery drivers can take the freezer over any terrain, it is best that the site on which you plan to set the freezer is accessible. He or she must be able to pull up close to the site before they detach the trailer. They might even manoeuvre the unit into place by hand at the end. Therefore, if you’ve got items in the way, such as flower pots or ornaments, you may want to temporarily move them so that the delivery person can get it in the right position easily.


While touched upon earlier, it is important that you have a power source close to where the unit is going to be set-up. The freezers you can get from the supplier are compatible with generators, which can also be supplied, but does cost more and potentially requires trips to the petrol station! Instead, it’s easier to use a mains power source. The company you choose should supply the cables, but it’s best if there is a wall socket within 75 metres.

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