Need a Refrigerated Truck to Send Perishables? Here are 3 Things to Consider

There are some things that need to be transported by a refrigerated truck. It could be perishable foods. It might be pharmaceuticals, or it can be hazardous materials that must be delivered at a specific temperature. Regardless of the product, you want to select one of the top refrigerated trucking companies Chicago has to offer. To do so, you want to consider a few factors. Here are three things to look at.

Fleet age

How old the company’s truck fleet is can determine how dedicated they are to safety and properly refrigerated shipments. Companies with late-model tractors and updated condenser units in their trailers will most likely ensure proper transportation.

Yet, so does an organization with older-model tractors and refrigeration units that are regularly maintained. However, there’s a greater potential for total failure while on the road.

Operation times

Not everything is shipped between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. during the week. Sometimes, a product needs to be shipped overnight or on the weekends. Of the many refrigerated trucking companies Chicago has, you need to find one that offers flexible hours without costing too much more. Without flexibility, you may find yourself having to look for another service at the last moment.


A modern fleet and flexible hours are certainly important. However, what’s equally critical is the company’s safety record. Do not be afraid to ask for this information when deciding on a shipping firm. If they are hesitant to provide this information, then you want to look for another organization.

Since the shipment of your refrigerated products is important, don’t take the selection of a company lightly. Ask others in your industry about the pros and cons of the company they work with.

Also, contact a specialist at Larry’s Cartage via phone or their. They can help you determine the best course of action for your refrigerated shipping needs.

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