Finding The Best in Titusville Vehicle Storage Options

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Storage Service

For people who own a spare, collectible, antique, or specialty car or truck, one of the most important considerations is finding the right place to keep it stored. Through the use of a self-storage facility, owners of these types of vehicles can get the best in off-site personal storage options. There are two types of storage options for vehicles at a self-storage facility.

Inside Vehicle Storage

Inside vehicle storage allows vehicle owners to have their vehicles stored in an enclosed garage. This helps to protect the vehicle from the elements. For cars that have high value or are of great personal importance, indoor vehicle storage is like renting an enclosed garage with round the clock security. An enclosed car in storage unit is also a good place to do light work on these vehicles, including replacement of small vehicle parts such as mirrors, windows, tires, or other small parts away from inclement weather. This type of storage allows for easy drive-in access and can be either a temperature-controlled or non-temperature controlled unit.

Exterior Vehicle Storage

This type of storage is for vehicles that need to have a secured parking spot. This allows vehicle owners a great location within a gated storage complex to store a car on a longer-term basis without concerns over vandalism or burglaries.

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