Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage Units

These days it seems like people have more stuff than they know what to do with. Even if they don’t, nearly everyone moves or downsizes at some point, and you could be left with nowhere to store the majority of your belongings. Chances are, the solution to your problem isn’t as simple as a yard sale. What else can you do with your valuables? The answer could be climate controlled storage units. Here’s why.

Better Security

Sure, you could choose that outdoor storage place with shoddy lighting in a questionable neighborhood, or you could choose a more secure facility. Climate controlled storage units often have security cameras/systems and are well lit, so your items are better protected.

Temperature Controls

While it may be obvious that you need to protect certain items like pieces of art, antiques, instruments, and furniture from temperature extremes, many other items can also be damaged by varying temperatures. The special seal on the units can also help to keep out pests.

Less Moisture

Aside from changing temperatures, moisture in the air can positively destroy your belongings. This is especially important if you plan on storing a mattress, books, instruments, or anything that can be prone to rust.

If you don’t want to stress about your belongings every time the temperature shifts, climate controlled storage units could be a great option for you. At a facility like Self Storage, you can access your items at all hours. For more information, contact us.

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